What Is The Right Position To Sleep For Each Of These Health Problems?

Sleeping plays a highly important role in the people’s health. Generally, a human being sleep on average 25 years in his lifetime or 7-9 hours per night. However, it is not only important to get enough sleep but to get the right position to sleep in order to improve your overall wellbeing. Sleeping positions affect different aspects of your body such as blood pressure, sinus infection and many other conditions. So, if you want to heal some health conditions make sure you do not focus only on how much you sleep but on your sleeping positions. Here are 9 sleeping positions that will help you alleviate some body ailments.  Sleeping is very important part of our lives. An average person sleeps around 8 hours at night, which is essential for the overall health and normal functioning. But, it’s not just the sleeping that much significant. According to some new researches, the sleeping position is also important.  

Sleeping positions can solve many health problems such as back pain or sinus infections. 

Here are 9 sleeping positions that can relieve various problems and pains:

Neck Pain

If you suffer from neck pain, just put a rolled-up towel under your neck to relieve the pain.

Back Pain

Put a rolled towel under the curve of your back and a pillow under your knees to relieve back pain.

Shoulder Pain

If you have shoulder pain, then it’s recommended to sleep with bent knees and never on the painful side. Make yourself comfortable with adding a pillow between your knees. You also can grasp another pillow to your chest.

PMS Pain

Put a pillow under your knees and sleep on your back to ease the menstrual pain and symptoms. This sleeping position will prevent spinal pain and help you get some relief.


If you suffer from terrible headaches and can’t get a good sleep, try to put some pillows around your neck. This way you give support to the neck, which can alleviate the pain.

High Blood Pressure

If you sleep on the stomach with your face down the high blood pressure will reduce significantly.

Sinus Problems

If you have sinus infections, you should try sleeping with a slightly elevated head in order to prevent the mucus from leaking into the sinuses and causing further problems.

Digestive Problems

If you have digestive problems, try sleeping on the left side. This sleeping position improves digestion and makes you sleep better.


To relieve heartburn, you should also sleep on the left side.

These are just some of the sleeping positions that can improve your overall health. However, make sure you consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. So, have you chosen your right position to sleep? It will definitely alleviate your health problem and improve your quality of